Portumna Marine Ltd.
Connaught Harbour, Portumna, Co Galway, Ireland
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S Series S850

“From the outset James was willing to listen to some concerns I had about charter operators using the Ribeye product and some areas which we saw as in need of attention. I also needed some assurances that the proposed unknown 850 would come up to speed with the build and production and timing. I was part of I believe most of this process and was kept very well informed of build and any unforseen problems. I very much appreciated the effort James made with suppliers and fitting out in an effort to keep in budget. Delivery was on time and to specification. Build quality is extremely high and the boats performance over several months has proved to me that I was correct to stick with your boats and buy the new S850. The RIB has been used in all conditions including this week in force 6-8 loaded with passengers. The feel of the boat in high winds and large waves is superb. Handling is without doubt the best. Once again Ribeye have produced a product fit for purpose and the confidence given to me during the build and post delivery has been fantastic. Please thank everyone involved in the build and fit out. ”


Total Boat Weight:2018kg
Overall Length:8.42m
Overall Width:300hp

Standard Features:

ID: 19193